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How It Works

Choose An Item From
The Catalogue
Browse the catalogue of pre-designed furniture and find something that's close to what you're after. Don't worry about it being really similar, because you'll be able to change the size, style, and configuration very easily.

Customize It
Use Massuni's simple interface to make minor adjustments, or create something completely different. You'll see the price update every time you make a change, and can generate high quality images along the way.

Order & Await Delivery
Confirm your order, and wait for your fully assembled custom furniture to arrive. That's all there is to it!

Completely Customizable.
Most furniture shopping is a series of compromises as you decide whether to sacrifice on size, style, or functionality based on what happens to be available. At Massuni we'd much prefer to just give you exactly what you want.

Adjust anything in our catalogue to perfectly suit your space, and we'll make it a reality. No compromise necessary.
Created By: Shelly Middlebrook from Tampa, Florida.

Created By: Justin Singh from Toronto, Ontario.
Super Easy.
The Massuni customization process has been designed to be as accessible as possible. Simply choose the styles you like, size the furniture, and add/remove any drawers, cabinets, or doors untill the furniture fits your needs.

Submit your order, and we'll create the furniture to your specifications, and have it shipped directly to your door, already fully assembled.

Massuni offers more than traditional furniture retailers, but we don't charge more. Our factories have been designed for automation from the ground up, and every bit of our process is tailored to maximize the value we can offer you.

Don't take our word for it, you can customize any piece free of charge and see for yourself before deciding to place an order.
Created By: The Wilson Family from Fargo, North Dakota.
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